Success how bad do you want it?

Success how bad do you want it?

I heard the story about success that was very inspirational i would like to share.

This kid goes up to this guru and says I want to become rich and successful!! So The Guru said if you want to be successful meet me at the beach at 4 a.m. The kid says “I don’t want to swim I want to become successful. Then meet me at the beach at 4 a.m said the guru!!

So the kid meets him down at the beach 4 a.m. with the swim trunks on. The guru says so if you want to be successful go out into the water. The boy wonders “what am I doing here I want to become rich I don’t want to go swimming”

The old man tells him to go in waist deep. So the boy goes in waist-deep he looks at the boy and he says “You really want to become successful? The boy looks back at him and says absolutely!!

At that moment the guru grabs the young man and dunks his head under water, holding him there till he’s just about to pass out!

Now thrashing around gasping for air, the guru pulls him up and says now let me ask you a question, when you are underwater what did you want?

The boy looked at him still catching his breath and said I wanted to breathe!.!.! The guru looked him in the eye and said ***Not until you want success as bad as you wanted to breathe can one succeed, that’s how you can achieve anything you desire***

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To truly become successful, it takes all your might, every last ounce of heart and soul until you cannot get up. But you have to get up!!! Greatness is never accepting failure, to keep moving when you can’t move anymore. But if you do continue on, right past all the suffering, all the pain, and all the doubt… Is where a champion stands… The only question is, are you that champion?



Reticuler Activating System

The reticular activating system is an amazing part of your brain. It works like a filter deciding what you focus on mainly when you are in auto pilot mode. Imagine when you buy a car, and the afterwards you notice that car is everywhere, its always been everywhere.

Your car doesn’t just happen to appear more around you, its not like 1000 more just suddenly appear. It is because of your reticular activating system, doing its job and noticing what is in your life more

R.A.S. And bad thoughts

There is a reason only 1% of people become successful. One of the main causes is due to are R.A.S.(Reticular Activating System) That part of the brain is programmed to protect us from things like fear and humiliation. When we want to do something goal orientated the brain says “no I cannot do that” “I don’t have the time or I don’t have the money” in order to protect us.

Now most of the time we don’t even know this is happening. Why do you think most people complain about their bosses. They complain on why they don’t have certain things, or criticize others for doing well. When you notice those thoughts, all you have to do is reverse the way you are thinking. You want to be conscious about success

Most only think about things that they cannot control. There train of thought are so negative. How could one become successful if they are in such a mindset, it is very unproductive

R.A.S. And how to rewire it for success

There is good news though. You can change all of that, just by visualization alone. (I know, I know it sounds crazy but bare with me) When you visualize something while also feeling a relevant emotion about that thought (Exp. Being rich, working from home, inventing something, etc.) Your brain cannot tell the difference between that thought and a memory. (say when you were embarrassed in public) It will actually think that it is your memories!!!

When you utilize this to your advantage you can change everything forever!!! If you were to start noticing what you were thinking throughout the day. (mainly when your brain goes into that autopilot state) Now take control of them negative thoughts and immediately switch them to a positive thought. Soon enough your brain will start linking those positive thoughts to your subconscious. Not long after you will start seeing the positive opportunities everywhere (like seeing your car)

Using affirmations

One really miraculous thing with this is when you start thinking positive. Start saying “I can do it, I will do it, I must do it”. Soon after your brain actually will start developing the skills to achieve your positive vision. (because it cannot tell what is thought and memory, it has to know the skills to develop the talent.) So just by simply visualizing what your goals are, your brain will point out all the opportunities for success. Achieving what you strive for will come faster and easier

Science communities have ran so many tests and studies on this. One they did was had so many people work out for 1 hour a day, while lifting weights. Then they would have the same amount of people simply imagine lifting weights for the same amount of time. Now it turns out the ones who imagined lifting weights (without actually lifting anything) were gaining almost the same amount of muscle strength as the people who were actually lifting.

That is how powerful visitation can be and why it’s so important. Remember to feel with deep emotion while visualizing as well or it won’t work. Imagination with deep emotion go hand and hand, it is the key that works.

So stop those thoughts that cause you harm, stop thinking you are not good enough. Look within and use that wonderful power called The Human Will. Remember, failure is only a failure if you don’t learn something from it.

You need to look at it as a learning experience. Everybody fails…multiple times. You cannot achieve success if you don’t get back up and do it again until you achieve whatever it is you are working at… Without exception.

Do not EVER settle for anything less then what you are capable of… Which is absolutely anything that you want without limits.

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