ADHD symptoms for adults

  ADHD in adults

In this page I wanted to touch on the subject of ADHD in adults. I know the whole site jumps around a lot, probably due to my ADHD lol.

I am 32 years old and I have what most doctors call pretty severe ADHD. But one thing I learned and always believed that instead of a curse if you know how to utilize it, it’s a gift. I wouldn’t change it even if I had the choice.

            Learn to use your gift 

I know sometimes it can be hard dealing with certain things, like being on time for work/school, or well anything that is scheduled. But we have specific quality’s many people can only dream of. We have a something called hyper focus. If you teach yourself to utilize this power it can do amazing things.

There’s been times where, when I’m interested in something, I can hyper focus on it and learn it inside out and absolutely master it ten times faster then anyone else. The trick though is using it on stuff you truly care about instead of other nonproductive things like video games etc etc.

The Greatest of all time

Did you know most of the greatest people were though to have ADHD/ADD?!?!  It’s true, Albert Einstein was told he wouldn’t amount to anything and look what he has done

A few others were also thought of having it we’re Shakespeare, Jim carry, Steve Correl, Robin Williams, and believe me their are Soooo, many more

What to watch for

Now there are a few things to watch for so you can try to stop them before they get out of hand

Like when you get an idea to do something or you want something and you get that rush like you “have to have it” no matter what or you have to master it (not saying it’s always a bad thing) and usually followed by you doing it 110% for about 2 weeks then it fades and on to the next thing.

One thing I do is wait 2 weeks, if I still have to do it, I  know it’s worth pursuing, if not then you have your answer. Now believe me I have don’t this countless times and the pros of it are that I’ve mastered so many things because of it. I was a skateboarder, drummer, guitarist, mathematician (in certain aspects of math) accelerated at my career faster then most, mastered multitasking lol, and those are just a few.

Now I don’t list these things trying to brag or boast my ego, I tell you this because if you can focus your time and energy on your dreams and aspirations, not only can you achieve anything you desire, but with hyper focus you can get there faster then most

Don’t let anyone stop you

So many people will tell you discouraging things to bring you down, but don’t listen to them, it doesn’t matter what they think… It matters what you do. So when they mention ” you will be bored and on to the next thing in a week or two” or whatever else they may say… Just smile, say OK, and prove them wrong.

Make them think twice next time they want to discourage you. But better yet do it for you, go get what you want. Master what you desire and enjoy it all the way to the very top !!!

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