You have to stay true to yourself and find that inspiration deep within.

You have to stay consistent even though there might be days when you don’t wanna do a certain task.

If no one gives you words of encouragement, then you have to make your own inspiration.

Champions and heroes are the ones who even when they have no more to give, they give more.

Dig deep inside yourself and find that passion and drive that will feed the beast within!!!

Do it in spite of everyone else, but mainly do it for you!!

Get up and take action

I know it’s easier to watch a Netflix marathon or play video games all day but no one said becoming an achiever is going to be easy.

Just think in 5 or ten years when you are exactly where you wish you could be looking back, I guarantee you wouldn’t regret that you put your controller down and got moving.

On the other hand if you don’t, ten years will have gone by and you won’t have anything to show for it.

You are at a crossroads right now, don’t be at that same crossroads later in life…you need to take your first step, now!!!

Look inward

Look inside yourself, you know that little voice that tells you “i can do that if i applied myself” you need to follow that voice.

Usually it speaks in a soft voice and it’s hard to hear over all the chatter in the background.

You need to really listen to that voice and go with your gut to accomplish the things you know you can accomplish.

I know for me, I can do anything I put my mind to without hesitation, without fear, and I know I can not only master it but destroy any competition that stands in the way.

I know you feel it to…now follow it and you can master anything

Stop putting it off

The mark of real masters get things done, they don’t wait around for an episode to finish then start, they don’t wait until tomorrow because they know tomorrow will never be here.

It’s only about the here and now. so i have a question for you… why are you still here reading this?

Get up off your lazy ass and get your dream, and don’t let anybody stop you.

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